65% of PH employers to provide Covid-19 vax for workers: survey

A survey of Willis Towers Watsons and the Management Association of the Philippines found over half of the surveyed employers in the country will be providing Covid-19 vaccines for their workers.

Of the 250 human resources practitioners that participated in the survey, 65 percent said they have arranged, or are in the process of arranging the purchase of Covid-19 vaccines.

Of the organizations that have not yet arranged an immunization program, 58 percent said they are considering buying Covid-19 vaccines while 42 percent said they have no plans to buy the vaccine for their own workers.

Willis Towers Watson Philippines health and benefits leader Susan La Chica said employers have an important role in helping protect their employees and manage the spread of Covid-19.

Some 60 percent of organizations planning to buy vaccines for their employees said they also intend to purchase vaccines for their workers’ dependents.

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