COVID-hit domestic workers lost far more jobs than others: ILO

The pandemic took a toll on domestic workers who lost far more jobs than others despite a decade-old international pact guaranteeing their rights, the United Nations said.

In a report, the International Labor Organization warned working conditions for many of the world’s 76 million domestic workers had not improved since the adoption in 2011 of a convention entitling them to the same protections as other workers.

And the situation was made worse by the pandemic, which hit domestic workers — the majority of whom are women — far harder than most other professions.

With eight out of 10 domestic workers globally working in the informal sector, many had no protections to fall back upon when the crisis hit.

The ILO chief said, “The impact on domestic workers was very much stronger than it was on other parts of the workforce, so that meant that these workers lost their jobs in greater numbers or saw their hours of work reduced.”

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