Youths’ crucial role in global drive vs. climate change cited

Finance Secretary Carlos Dominguez underscored the importance for young Filipinos to be at the forefront of mitigating effects of climate change, as they have the biggest stake in saving the planet from the environmental crisis that will “hit us like a tsunami” unless its “destructive course” is halted.

Dominguez said youths have to face the worst effects of climate change as these intensify over time. They are the last generation that can end the planet’s environmental destruction.

He told over 500 members of youth organizations the participation of today’s young is critical in achieving the country’s climate ambition and in building “a greener, healthier, and climate-resilient future” for the planet.

He added, “The youth–who will have to live through 2030 and beyond–have the greatest stake in overcoming this crisis. It is therefore very important that you understand this issue and take the lead in reversing this destructive course.”

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