Netflix investing $500 million in Korean content

Video streaming giant Netflix is bullish about 2021 becoming their strongest year yet. They’re investing around 500 million dollars in Korean content alone this year and “laying the long-term foundation” for more original Korean productions by securing two local content studios.

One reason why K-content works is that Korean stories are diverse — from time-traveling, romantic thriller shows such as The King: Eternal Monarch to cross-border romance Crash Landing On You, to the monster-themed Sweet Home and dark high school drama Extracurricular.

The second reason is the production quality which has evolved and developed a lot over the years.

A Netflix executive explained, “Right now, we’re at the stage that the Korean entertainment industry is able to produce top-notch, high production value shows that are as of high quality as any other shows in the world.”

But the third and strongest point is the shows’ relatability.

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