DOE says recent outages not due to power crisis

The Department of Energy reiterated there is no power crisis in the country following the three-day rotational brownouts in parts of Luzon in early June.

In a Senate hearing, Energy Secretary Alfonso Cusi said the country has enough power capacity to serve the electricity requirement of consumers even with the peak demand for the year forecasted at 11,841 megawatts.

He said the Luzon grid has a registered capacity of 17,266 megawatts.

However, Cusi said the Luzon grid could not afford to have more than two power plants to go on forced and unplanned outages when power demand is rising due to increasing heat index.

Four power plants with a combined capacity of over 2,000 megawatts were offline from May 31 to June 2, the same period when the Luzon grid experienced the rotational brownouts.

There are also power plants that are still undergoing maintenance and derating, putting pressure on available energy supply.

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