Luzon power plants asked to explain more frequent shutdowns

Energy regulators are asking power generation companies in Luzon to explain why unplanned plant shutdowns that prompted rotational blackouts have been more and more frequent recently.

The Energy Regulatory Commission said it sent generation companies notices of non-compliance after power plants already breached the allowable number of outage days this year in just nearly 6 months. The cap on unscheduled plant outages varies depending on the energy source, as the limit could go as long as 27.8 days and as short as 6.8 days.

At the same time, the ERC said it summoned officials of some power plants to explain their failure to report incidents of unplanned outages. Out of 2,083 unexpected shutdowns from January to April, regulators said only 1,288 incidents were reported to them.

ERC chair Agnes Devanadera said, “This was aggravated by the increased demand for electricity due to warmer temperatures.”

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