Retail investors dominate PSE as lingering pandemic reshapes stock market

Retail trading is on the rise on the Philippine Stock Exchange, with the novel coronavirus disease pandemic further boosting the number of online stock market accounts in what could be a clear sign of investors’ shift on their preferred trading format.

There were 1.4 million accounts in the local stock market at the end of last year, up 14 percent year-on-year, the PSE said in its Stock Market Investor Profile report released Wednesday. About 98 percent of the total number of these accounts belong to retail or individual investors while institutional investors owned 2 percent, the PSE added.

For the third straight year, online accounts dominated the local bourse after cornering 67 percent of the total, while traditional accounts got a smaller 33 percent share. Broken down, online accounts grew 20 percent on-year to 936,200 in 2020, outperforming non-online accounts which went up 3 percent to 460,553.

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