Learners in Southeast Asia lose out on potential earnings due to the pandemic

Based on estimates from the Asian Development Bank, students in Southeast Asia lost at least 35 percent worth of learning last year, as they shifted to online classes without the proper tools in hand.

In consequence, they are expected to miss out on potential earnings of more than 8,000 pesos every year. In the worst-case scenario, income losses for Southeast Asian learners may balloon to roughly 12,000 pesos a year, according to the Manila-based bank.

In the Philippines, some 2.7 million students chose to skip school this academic year on lack of learning gadgets and access to internet to participate in the discussions.

Maria Ella Oplas, economics professor at De La Salle University said, “What the economic managers see are the visible effects of the lockdowns. However, they have yet to see that lockdowns disrupt supply chains (that) even schools right now are scared of the impact they may inflict on our future workers.”

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