Manila Port Usage Drops to 50% Due to COVID-19

The Philippine Ports Authority said the yard utilization rate at the Port of Manila dropped from 65% to 50% in February due to the coronavirus outbreak.

PPA General Manager Jay Daniel Santiago said shipments saw a downturn in activity for cargo originating in Hong Kong and China which represent “about 70%” of all inbound cargo vessels.

Santiago said the country “is considered a feeder port, which means that majority of the inbound or outbound cargo vessels pass through either China or Hong Kong for consolidation with other cargo vessels before they proceed to their destinations.”

He said the Port of Manila was just recovering from Chinese New Year, which dampened shipping activity, when the coronavirus began to affect cargo transactions in southern China, including Macau. COVID-19 has had a knock-on impact on cargoes from elsewhere because of the paralysis of Chinese supply chains.

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