How technology is innovating agriculture in the Philippines

While the Philippines has yet to fully improve and develop its own agricultural sector, there have been initiatives done to help farmers increase productivity through technology.

F1 hybrid seeds have been used in corn production in the Caraga region. It is to “ensure sustainable production in prime corn lands,” raise the average yields of corn per hectare, and increase the income of marginal corn farmers in the region.

The latest intelligent farming equipment has also helped farmers increase their field productivity. One example is a hand tractor that can do the job of ten people at once.

The machine can perform weeding, double-row tilling for fertilizer application, rotavation and furrow forming for corn fields and vegetable plots.

Japanese-made drones have also been utilized in three Benguet towns to spray fertilizer on vegetable farms located on mountain slopes. It was intended to lessen the farmers’ hours in the field.

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