Financial savvy millennials share money-saving formulas (Part One)

For those eager to grow their net worth especially during this pandemic, the 70-30 rule is seriously worth considering.

Online shopping is both a boon and bane during a crisis when we’re all required to spend most of our free time at home. With so much time on hand to browse through catalogs, the “add to cart” gets harder to resist.

It does not have to be that way. TikTok creator Ady Cotoco revealed, “Sobra din ako ng overspending sa mga online shopping platforms…kasi I know the discounts.”

The recently hired account manager of an online shopping platform gave a valuable tip to those who find themselves in the same boat.

He shared, “The tip which I apply to myself is the 70 to 30 scheme. When I get my salary, 70% goes immediately to my time-deposit savings account which I cannot touch anymore and then 30% goes to my wants and needs.”

He also advised to track one’s expenses, a tip he got from his mother.

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