First solar-powered tilapia, milkfish hatchery opens in Oriental Mindoro

A solar-powered tilapia and milkfish hatchery was launched in Oriental Mindoro, the first in the region, according to the Department of Science and Technology.

Launched on March 3, DOST Secretary Fortunato de la Peña stated that the smart facility is composed of a hatchery, grow-out ponds and a 10-meter diameter circular pond.

It is located in the agricultural town of Roxas in Oriental Mindoro. The entire project was funded by the DOST.

De la Peña said, “It has a full capacity of 1,500 breeders that can produce 500 fingerlings per breeder per month, while the grow-out ponds have the capacity of 13,000 fingerlings. The circular pond, on the other hand, can accommodate 100,000 white shrimp fry per rearing season.”

It is fully operated through solar power, reducing monthly electrical expenses by as much as 25,000 pesos.

Roxas resident Architect Francis Neil Quijano and local business Agritektura Enterprises are behind the project.

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