NEDA: Promote transition to digital economy

Acting Socioeconomic Planning Secretary Karl Kendrick Chua underscored the unhampered transition to the digital economy, both for government and businesses, should be further promoted to limit physical interactions and enable continued operations and delivery of goods and services.

Chua added with more a stringent quarantine, the country stands to benefit from lower number of cases and deaths from Covid-19.

He added that for the government, the following key interventions will be pursued: increase and improve the health systems capacity and communication strategy, accelerate vaccine deployment for vulnerable sectors, and ensure all sectors are equipped with the skills to transition to the new normal.

NEDA estimates the two-week ECQ would result in some 252,000 more individuals without jobs and 102,000 more poor individuals. The ECQ will also see a daily household income loss of 2.1 billion pesos.

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