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Your Morning Q

Mondays–Fridays, 6AM–9AM

It’s back to work but that doesn’t mean back to boring! Joelle and Show Suzuki are here to help navigate the crazy road of feelings, adventure and life. Hop in and we’ll get you revved up and ready for today!


  • Show Suzuki
  • Joelle
Mid-Day Q

Mondays–Fridays, 9AM–12PM

Lesbi-honest - you want it hot, fresh and straight to the point? You can count on these two to bring you the latest news and the hottest views!


  • Samantha Purvor
  • Ysa Chong

Q Brunch O Lunch

Mondays–Fridays, 12PM-3PM

Insert a short description of the show and jocks here!


Q Rush Hour

Mondays–Fridays, 3PM-6PM

Aly’s here to welcome you to the Q-munity! Talking esports to showbiz, it’s just the pick Q up you need after a long day!


  • Aly Esplana

Q PM Crew

Mondays–Fridays, 6PM-9PM

Let off some steam before you dream with the Q PM crew! Tickets, tunes and a little bit of tittle tattle - we make sure you’re armed & ready to brave the rush hour madness!


  • Pam

Q Quiet Storm

Mondays–Fridays, 9PM-12AM

Insert a short description of the show and jocks here!



Generation Q

Weekends, 3PM-6PM

Kick back after that crazy night out with some of DJ Eddie’s caffeinated crazy! Recharge with some hangover helpers, up-to-date issues and an all around good time.


  • Eddie Morato

The Big Weekend Q

Weekends, 9AM-12PM

Your one-stop shop to answer that big weekend Q: watchu gon’ do?

Keeping you in the know while you’re on-the-go!

Turn that Q into an 'Ayyy' with your boy Jimmy J!


  • Jimmy J

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